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The Civilized Explorer

Accommodations in St. Barth

The Civilized Explorer team lists accommodations on the island of St. Barthelemy.


We are reluctant to recommend specific hotels or villas because the best vacation accommodation varies widely depending on your preferences and needs. However, there are enough hotels and villas with their own websites now that we have prepared this list. Hotels are listed by location because that's how we select a place to stay. This also is an easy way to look up a place you've seen on a visit, but don't know the name of.


This page lists hotels, cottages, and some villas that have their own web pages, are places we have stayed, or just seem of particular interest to us. For each location, hotels are listed first. If you don't have a preferred location, it

may be best to use the website of a villa management company. We have listed these on our page, Planning Your Trip. Enjoy!



Caribbean Hotels and Raenette's Caribbean offer discounts for some St. Barth hotels.



Anse des Cayes - On The Beach


Anse des Cayes - Hills


Colombier - Hills


Flamands - On The Beach


Flamands - Hills


Gouverneur - Hills Above The Beach


Grand Cul de Sac - On The Beach


Grand Cul de Sac - Hills




Marigot Bay


Marigot - Hills



L'Orient - On The Beach


L'Orient - Village


L'Orient - Outside of Town and Hills


Petite Anse


Petite Cul de Sac


Pointe Colombier


Pointe Milou


Quartier de Roy



St. Jean - On The Beach



St. Jean - Village


St. Jean - Hills


Saline Valley






As always, if you have any objections, corrections, suggestions, or questions, drop us a line via email.


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